How to add multiple authors in a WordPress Login ?

How to add multiple authors :When many people have contributed to a WordPress article, it’s necessary to publish it under their names as “co-authors.” This is common practice on news and magazine websites, where multiple writers, researchers, reporters, and editors often collaborate on a single topic.

Single-author posts are the default in WordPress. Which implies that we can’t have co-authors on posts.

But there’s nothing to fret about. In this piece, I will provide a quick solution to the issue of having numerous authors. So, I though I’d write an article on how to give a WordPress post numerous authors.

Adding multiple authors to a WordPress article may be done in a few different ways. In this essay, though, I’ll show you how to do so with the help of a plugin called Molongui Authorship.

How to add multiple authors in a WordPress Login ?

Download the WordPress plugin Molongui Authorship.

  • At the outset, go to Plugins=>> on the left side of your WordPress dashboard.
  • Incorporate Novelty
    Enter “Molongui Authorship” into the plugin’s search field.
    Place the first add-on in place.

Engage the Plugin

In order to use the plugin once it has been installed, just click the Activate button.

All right, here is it. The plugin requires no more action on your part.

Create a post with multiple authors.

  • Go to your postings on the forum. Either a new post or an old one may be modified by the user.
  • Once the WordPress post editor has opened, scroll down until you reach the “Authors” area and then release the mouse button.
  • Assigning several registered users from your WordPress site or adding a new visitor may be done from the author’s area.

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Is there anything more this Molongui Authorship plugin is capable of?

With Molongui Authorship, we can add many writers to our WordPress site and take use of many other advantages. It has some great qualities.

Incorporating Author Biographies Into WordPress

By using the Molongui Authorship plugin, you may expand WordPress’s built-in “About the Author” section to include a detailed biography. From a search engine optimization standpoint, this is an intriguing feature. You may use this function to improve your own search engine rankings, giving you a leg up when it comes to promoting your online portfolio or bio.

WordPress: Including a Regional Icon

As an added bonus, Molongui Authorship enables WordPress writers to choose their own unique avatars. Profile pictures, sometimes known as “avatars,” may be user-created and saved.

Integrating Personal and Work Information

Responsibility of the Authorship of the Molongui More than 110 social networking platforms are supported by this WordPress plugin. When a user browses their profile or an author’s page, these social media and professional profiles will be shown.

Is the ability to have multiple authors available in any other plugins?

If you’re open to alternatives, we also have another recommended plugin to offer you. Our second recommended plugin is called Co-Authors Plus.

Since utilising this plugin necessitates modifying the theme’s code files, we recommend instead that you make use of the Molongui Authorship plugin.

It’s the same procedure for installing this plugin. To instal Co-Authors Plus, go to Plugin -> Add New and type “Co-Authors Plus” into the search field. In the end, you’ll need to activate the plugin by clicking the “Activate” button after clicking “Install.”

Once you’ve installed and enabled the Co-Authors Plus plugin, you’ll see a new “Guest Authors” option in the WordPress dashboard’s User menu.

To include a guest author in your WordPress post, go to Post > Add New > Guest Authors and register a new user. Full information about the individual, including their name, bio, and social media profiles, may be entered. When you’re finished, choose the update option.

The integration phase of the plugin is complete now. Select the guest writers you just added from the post’s dashboard, then change the post to have their names appear beside yours.

The bad news is that displaying multiple authors in a post requires you to include a shortcode into your theme file. You may do this by modifying the original the author() template in the WordPress theme file and include the shortcode for Co-Authors Plus.

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In Conclusion

Here, we’ll go through the various plugins available for WordPress and how to use them to add many authors to a single post. On the other hand, I choose Molongui Authorship for its simplicity and user-friendliness.

You may post questions on the post’s subject in the comments.

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