How to Use Black widgets For Elementor

Black widgets With the help of this plugin, you can easily include rich text and media items into your sidebars by using the new widget type that has been added. Using the same WordPress Black widgets that you’re already familiar with from working with posts and pages, the Black widgets Widget makes it possible to modify widgets in a WYSIWYG fashion. The ability to toggle between Visual and HTML mode remains available for developers.

For many years, the default WordPress text widget has been fairly simple, requiring knowledge of HTML to add styling and images/media to the text. In 2011, this plugin was created to get around these restrictions. Finally, in June of 2017, WordPress version 4.8 released a new text widget with visual editor support for text widget management. The new widget in WordPress core may be used to replace Black widgets Widget for its fundamental functionality, although the plugin is still recommended for more sophisticated users due to its extra capabilities.

How to Use Black widgets For Elementor

About Black widgets For Elementor

A lecture at WordPress Europe 2018 in Belgrade told the story of how the plugin came to be.
Please watch the video. Once upon a time, there was a plugin… on

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Basic Features

  • Sidebar rich text widgets, editable in the Black widgets editor, can be added.
  • Toggle between the Visual and HTML modes
  • Add media files from the WordPress Media Library.
  • Add references to other WordPress posts/pages or external sources.
  • Embed, smilies, and shortcodes are all supported in the widget’s body copy.
  • Introduced with WordPress 6.1, the Block-based Widgets Editor has support.
  • Live preview and in-line editing for the Customizer are supported.
  • Accessibility mode support for widgets
  • Adaptable to multiple locations
  • To be used with the most popular translation add-ons
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin-compatible, with translations into dozens of languages

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  • Black Title
  • Black Button
  • Black Image
  • Black Flip Box
  • Black Title Animate
  • Black Magic Link
  • Black Drop Cap
  • Black Fade
  • Black Alert
  • Black Icon
  • Black List
  • Black Social Links
  • Black Icon Box Pro
  • Black Call to Action
  • Black Blockquote
  • Black Typography + (for experts)
  • Black Box
  • Black Trigger (for experts)
  • Black Horizontal (for experts)


  • 2D & 3D Animat
  • Blur Background Style
  • Repetitive Typography
  • Typography
  • Experts widgets

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